It is a frightening place to be when you must watch every word connected to yourself. I find myself there now. Although I am not personally under any microscope, I realize that a wrong phrase could quickly bring it on me. Therein lies my quandary with communicating over the Internet: I do not know who is listening.

     I think it an interesting phenomenon that brings out the exhibitionist in many of us in an arena where in truth no one may be watching. I have almost no idea who has seen the words I have written or who will come to see them, yet I started this during a delicate phase and I am conscious that a bad statement could easily come back to haunt me should the wrong person see it. My need to communicate has driven me to keep this journal. My circumstance has made me a censor.

     I have completely revised this entry, all in fear that what I originally wrote could be used against me. I suppose the silence continues.

     "I got something to say you know, but nothing comes" - Tori Amos

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