Don't Eat the Meat

     Today's date: November 28.
     Meat marked Best Before: November 21.

     I should have listened.

     Thankfully the immediate taste was enough to stop me from testing any further, and so I avoided any gastric unpleasantness. The meat is now gone.

     I was about to talk about how the world would be if everything were labeled so clearly, but what if it is? I do not really believe hindsight is perfect. Like everything it is subjective, and we mold the events of the past to fit our personal perspective of the future. At the same time, we can often see accurate road signs in the past that we missed getting here. Think about how many more road signs there must be if we are not even seeing all the ones gone by.
     Even then, how often do we disregard the signs just incase "it may still be okay?"

     How often do we eat the bad meat knowing it is due?

     In my experience: all too often.

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