The sun will come out tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
There'll be sun

     The answer to all hopes and dreams lies in Tomorrow. How is it that you were never deified? All possibilities are yours. Only you can grant or deny that for which we wish. It is no wonder that you taunt us by being constantly distant, for should you arrive, you would become a mere Yesterday.

     We use the phrases, "Things take time," "Just wait and see," and even, "It will get better eventually," so freely. But time, like no other commodity, is always running out on us. Time is the high school whore, so impatient to find the next John that she never gives her present one a clean finish. Time is the universal pre-ejaculation; always over just when it was starting to feel good. We naively consider time a blessing, when it is usually a death stroke.

     The question is, what if that golden Tomorrow never comes? Suppose that as of this moment, things will never improve beyond how they are. Are you satisfied? Could you be truly happy? I think the answer would give us great insight into ourselves. For myself, there are many things I have not accomplished, some I have tried and failed, and others never had the opportunity to attempt, and I would be disappointed not to be able to change these, but I have only to look at my children to find contentment.

They say good try
Tomorrow Wendy you're going to die

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