Occasionally I do not make it outside.

     Everyday I try to make sure I go outside with my children, even if it is just for a walk down to the grocery store. I find even a short trip like that makes a large difference to how the rest of the day goes. But occasionally I do not make it out. The probable cause in this instance, as it was today, is weather.

     Late last night it began to snow. Shortly there was a nice blanket over houses and a ground. It was magnificent. But then around one o'clock it began to rain. It was still raining come morning, and it rained throughout the entire day. Now the snow is gone again. I can't remember it snowing here last winter, so this would have been the first time for my eldest daughter (and my youngest, obviously) to be able to play in the snow. I was quite enjoying that idea last night. But it was foiled and we were forced to remain inside.

     I find it almost seems like the day never occurred at times like this. As though we all woke up for a bit during the night and now go back to sleep.

     The good news is, if we do remain inside then there is some external reason for this, such as the weather. At some points in my life, that was not the case. Thankfully that was long before I had children. But I think about those times on days like these. It is amazing how people will let you alone when you truly wish it.

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