Heart versus Brain. Logic versus Emotion. Need versus Desire. Left versus right.

     Those are the simple human conflicts. A fork in the path, the route divides and never again the twain shall meet. Pick one and forever know the consequences, only to guess at what may have been. Left or right.

     But sometimes it is heart versus heart. Sometimes the conflict is not with another but with itself. Conflict in the journey to conflict, if you will. And then, can a resolution be reached? When the path does not divide but winds in a moebious, turning forever in and on itself, how can one progress?

     When you reach for that which you never want to touch again, how can you be satisfied?

     This is why man has trouble recreating sentience. It is not a matter of reaching a true, false, maybe state. It is a matter of reaching a state where an option can be true and false at once. Only then will man truly create sentience in his own image.

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