I Keep a Candle Lit

     I do sympathize for her, you see. Much pain and much anger have I felt because and towards her, but those fade, like my affection never truly will. I do not regret my decisions; I would not turn the clock back now. Even so, I do care and I do wish her fortune and happiness. And seeing her in pain or turmoil brings me no joy.
     Our worlds were vastly different when we met, and they continue to be so. We never could quite bridge that gap. We never could see eye to eye. And knowing what I know of her experiences, it is not too surprising. Why would you trust when trust has only ever brought pain? Why would you seek help when the search has always ended in ridicule or worse? If our roles were reversed, and I had led her life and she mine, would I have been able to do any better? Perhaps broken logic only seems broken when viewed from the wrong perspective.
     So you see, I keep a candle lit for her. I wish her well in her future life. We will not be what we were, nor will we ever be what I once wanted, but I hope we can both find happiness. And I do hope she can find happiness.

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