Distance has become at once meaningless and all-important. These cables and fiber optics that bring me to you can be as meaningful as glamour. Or they can be our prime meeting ground by choice. There are those I will likely never meet yet dream of meeting constantly. There are those I have met often, but not often enough. And there are those I simply need to cross town to meet, yet never have. It is easy to say, "Distance is the only thing keeping us apart," but this causes me to question if that is true.
     Of course the one person I talk to here in town that I have never met is male. It could be this causes less of a motivation, and I am not ashamed to admit that. But for all intents and purposes, he and I might as well live continents away. Our relationship would be changed little.
     Yet there are people whom if I could hop a plane this instant to see I would without hesitation. Is it perhaps taking for granted that since I could meet him, I can any time? Would I be more frustrated about not being able to if he lived a province, or country away? It could be taking the option for granted, whereas the lack of that option in other cases is more like a constant pain.
     The only treatment for that pain is to hope I reach them through my words.

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