To you

     This is to you, one of my dearest friends. This is to let you know, I have not forgotten, nor have my feelings ever waned. I am conscious of how unfortunate I am not to have been able to reconcile all barriers that kept me from you when I still held your heart. I am conscious of how often I led your wrong and let you down. And I remember all the good times we have shared, do share and will share. I collect them like pearls, kept away safely so that I may examine them when in need. They comfort me when I find the world bearing down.
     This is to you, for you still stir such emotions within me. A deep desire to see you happy, to see your desires fulfilled, more so the ones which I no longer have power over. You the ever-constant subtle muse. You who are a part of me each day. You gave me purchase when I could find none. You gave me courage to stand once more. Every passion provoked within me owes its freedom in part to you.
     This is to you in thanks and well wishing. In thanks for what is, was, and will be. To wish you well in all endeavors and offer my eternal help. With a touch of my name to your lips, I would put all facilities at your expense. Part the seas if I must, I would be at your side. My friendship always. My love forever.
     What can I give that you have not given me already? Your generous nature has forever touched me. Your love, like none other, I keep close to heart. It may be at some time, like so many fools, I too took you for granted. That shall never be again. You need never doubt that there will always be at least this man who appreciates you and values your presence for all you are.
     To you, I offer my love and thanks. May it keep you as yours keeps mine.

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