In my experience there are two kinds of parents. Those who always feel they could do better and those who do not care either way. The best parents I have met always felt they could do better. I know my mother does, and I remember her sister saying similar things. Both of them were wonderful parents. I have known many parents who were not wonderful. Most of the time they did not care. I have known the occasional parent who did believe they could do better and was not an excellent parent, but it seems rare, and tragic in a way. I cannot think of a parent that did not care and was still a good parent.
     It seems almost a requirement to believe one could always do better to be a good parent. A gripping faith that somewhere we have fallen short in our role. As parents we take pride in our children's accomplishments, we treasure their smiles and I love yous. It can be the most rewarding job there is. So why is it that we rarely feel what we do is good enough?

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