Economic Enigmas

     When my last daughter was born earlier this year, my then-wife never applied for the Child Tax Benefit. (For those in other parts of the world, the CTB means the government gives us money for the children. A pretty decent amount of money.) One month after my daughter's birth my wife and I split up. So I applied for the CTB, and started receiving money today, including arrears. But not for that first month. Apparently since we had not yet separated, the check could only be made out to my daughter's mother. So she could apply to get payment for that one month. Of course the government worker I spoke with said if we tried this they would probably screw up the file and keep paying my ex-wife. A conversation like that gives you great faith in the government agencies.
     And my credit card is not working. The bank recently sent me a new one and I am supposed to start using it today, but it is not working. I call the credit agencies and their computers say the number is invalid. I just hope it starts working before monthly payments need to be made.
     I find this all tiresome and aggravating.

     So far no pearls of wisdom or rhetorical questions.

     But you, you who I hardly know, who I have never met; you who I wish to speak with most, what have you to say? Will we speak again?

     "What time are we upon and where do I belong?" - Witch Baby

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