I admit, I was sucked in by Reality TV tonight. The show was called, "The Mole." I have never watched any other reality TV so I am not certain how this compares to the other shows. I do know the contestants in this had several tests to do to up the pot they could win. One of them apparently is a mole, secretly working against the team. The others need to guess who the mole is. I am not completely certain of all the rules, but I know the mole would need to use careful strategy so as not to get caught. Certainly you could not simply throw each test. Now I will have to face the weekly question, "To watch or not to watch?"

     In another corner of reality I went out clubbing last night. I have hardly ever gone to the clubs. They rarely play music I care to hear and I seldom drink, which takes away quite a bit from the scene. Then there are the people. I am certain many of them are intelligent and interesting people, but you cannot discover that in a club, and you do not approach someone in a club based on their intelligence. As I looked around everyone seemed so plastic. I thought if I came too close to any of them I would be smothered by it.
     In looking back on my relationships, I have generally had very little in common with my partners. Now, I am a computer programmer, a writer and a reader. I am an actor and a dreamer. So when I say I am an intellectual it is not bragging of any sort. It means I spend my time in intellectual pursuits. I need someone who can appreciate this and who I can share these experiences with.

     Perhaps that is why I have asked her to an Italian opera instead of another movie.

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