When I Fall

     Falling in love is easy. We romanticize it as a powerful natural force that pulls to polarities together. I think falling in love is more of a cause and effect situation. At some point, we trip, and then we fall. Sometimes the descent is a long one. Sometimes it is short. Eventually we impact, and reality sets in.
     Loving someone is much more difficult. I have stated before that I think it is much more romantic to have an enduring relationship that has faced and overcome adversity than a whirlwind romance that eventually dissipates to the ether from whence it came. Loving someone requires seeing them completely, not in a strict sense of pros and cons but as who they are as a person and taking that and making it a part of one's self. It can only grow over time. It cannot be bought wholesale. It must be tended, toiled for, and it may require the occasional sacrifice.
     This is what I remind myself when my mind begins to wander. Because it would be easy to fall.

And if I should try
Would you catch me if I fall?

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