I am told the fact that she normally dresses so nicely will make it seem that her dressing up is not that much different. I do not entirely believe this. She does dress well on all occasions. Her appearance is always without fault. Still, something within me says that when she goes that extra distance the results will be awesome to behold.
     Clothes affect of people. I find myself with money in hand and the opportunity and reason to buy a nice set of clothes now, something I have wanted for a long time, and I do not expect this opportunity to reoccur for some time. I know that donning these garments will give me a sense of pride. I will present myself as someone with style; someone who cares about their appearance.
     I think there is merit in caring about ones appearance. The material world is not always so evil. I think there is some truth to the belief cleanliness is godliness. If we disregard our bodies, our inner beings become trapped in a crumbling receptacle. One does not need Armani tailoring, but clothes without hanging threads and missing buttons present a person in control of their appearance. No matter how many times we reiterate platitudes about books and covers, when we meet a person we quickly form a basis of opinion from which our interaction will proceed. We gather information as quickly as possible. The first source of information is one's appearance. We define professions by uniform. Fashion splits the genders. Your appearance dictates how people react to you every day.
     I want to impress; I will admit that. I want to impress her. I want to impress those who see us together. I want people to think, She is in his league. And I want to impress myself.

     I want to be able to say, I know why she is standing next to me.

     Yes, it goes beyond clothes. But everything starts at the beginning.

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