Pleasures Pleasurable

Hold me now,
Oh hold me now,
Till this hour has gone around.

I want arms about me. I want sheets to enfold me.
I want hands to caress me. I want her mouth to breathe me.

Come calling; let me answer.
Let me be the one to respond.
Tell me you want me and need me and feel me.
Tell me you did all along.

     I want to hear and be heard. I want voices, not pixels. I want to brush fingers and feel breath. I want to know that I could taste at any moment. I want to share laughter, chocolate, and ice cream. I want to discuss gods, stars, love and death. I want to smile into a smile as the lights dim away.

     For two years I lay down next to someone almost every night. There was the warmth of bodies. There were the pleasures of flesh. Yet somewhere along the line that thing that made those earthly pleasures pleasurable faded away. To believe earthly pleasures never transcend their earthly state is a shame. But, when they do get trapped, that is a tragedy.

     And when one can make that transcendence it requires so little. It is quite possible for more passion to be contained in a stroke of the cheek than an act of carnality. It all depends on that connection. What I want, what I have been grasping to explain since I started these musings short days ago, is the feeling when that connection first begins.

     And someone with the desire to keep it alive.

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