Exhibitionists, aren't we all?

     It is a question I was already pondering, but it was raised today in one of my social circles: why do people keep online journals? I believe the obvious answer can be found in the title of this piece. Yet I also think there are many reasons behind this need to exhibit. In the end I think it is a desire to communicate. This leads us to two questions. First, why do we need to communicate in this fashion? Second, what do we wish to communicate?
     I have seen many journals that simply recount a day's events, celebrating the highs and raging against the lows. And I have seen journals that seem monotonous in their misery. Is it an attempt to share experience with a larger world? or only a wish to catch the attention of one? Anyone. I cannot explain the motives of all on-line journalists, only myself. I think the main reason I have started this comes from my relative solitude as an at-home single father. I have little opportunity for great discourse, but these nightly exercises give me an outlet for my ideas. It is not so much that I wish to chronicle the day's events as to reflect and explore the things that occupy my mind. It is a discourse with myself with a clear beginning and end.
     What do I wish to communicate? Mainly I hope not to fall into any sort of monotony. I hope that my ideas reach someone, and that they give you a moment of pause, to reflect on what I have said and your own thoughts. I come not to espouse morals and lessons, but to explore ideas. This is not a window to my life as much as a radio to my thoughts.

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