Building a Pedestal

     It would be simple to build you a pedestal. I would craft it by hand like an ancient roman column. I would keep it low enough that I might reach you, but high enough so that our stations were clear. I would anoint you with myrrh. I alone would be your earthly ambassador. And I would be yours and yours alone.
     But such thoughts I must leave behind. Even if they could be, they should not be. It would not be what I wanted either. I want a partner, not a goddess. In the end, it always comes clear the goddess is only a mortal. And it would not be honest.

     Many times she asked, "What do you want of me?"

     Many times I replied, "All I want is honesty."

Why does it seem that is the most elusive treasure? It seems the most basic building block and the most rare of all. But here you are now; looking for the things I also search. Yet you are a world away if a mile and so I see only your charms. You are safe, in that nothing can ever be. So it would be easy to build that pedestal.

     But I must not.

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